Emerging from the depths of a sea of noise, Inner Trip Center explores the powers of the technology of silence. Featuring composer & musician Stephen O'Malley (founding member of the band Sunn O))) ), the focus of this drop is to frame running as the means through which we can reestablish our connection to the environment and its inextricability from nature. As a meditative act, running simultaneously heightens awareness of our surroundings and launches us on an inner-stellar journey.

Utilizing a yin and yang of natural and synthetic fabrics, the Inner Trip Center designs create a running experience that is only as loud as your mind. Cloud Merino is dyed by hand using the traditional Japanese shibori method, yielding a pattern resembling the trajectory of the plunge inward. Bursts of aluminum charged ripstop fabric are reminiscent of flashes of consciousness. Dark, green and neutral tones diminish the boundaries of body from nature. Organic and recycled cottons nourish both the skin and environment.

Through fabric and design, we invite you to experience the constellation of the self. Eliminate static and noise, let silence wash over you. Sound bath, levitation and running. Become undifferentiated. Join us on a trip to inner space.

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