Possessed Magazine

ed's letter by Travis Keller

possessed adjective
pos·sessed | \ pə-ˈzest
also -ˈsest \
Definition of possessed:
  • 1. a. (1): influenced or controlled by something (such as an evil spirit, a passion, or an idea)
    a. (2): MAD, CRAZED
    b: urgently desirous to do or have something
    1. obsolete : held as a possession
    3. a. (1): an ongoing art project from Satisfy Running that lives in various spaces and forms of media
    b. (2): a magazine whose only intent is getting you high
    “Pinch me, I’m dreaming.”

That’s kinda been my vibe ever since Brice and the fam at Satisfy Running asked me if I’d like to be the Editor-in-chief of the new publication they were starting. I’ve been floating ever since. I figured I should take this time to introduce myself, explain the new magazine a bit, welcome you to our first issue, drop some catch phrases and maybe even talk a bit of shit.

This is Ed’s letter #1: Volume one, issue one.

Possessed Magazine: An ongoing art project that is inspired by the ideal of *Freedom* via the *Solitary Arts*. Where there are no rules, no clubs to join, no membership fees and your only opponent is yourself. We celebrate the pursuit of the High, that elusive moment when the runner’s mind is freed and reaches a new level of awareness. We strive to remain unsatisfied. We believe that you’ll learn more from your losses than your wins. We champion artists, activists, underdogs and athletes. And we believe that accepting challenges and conquering them allows you to do things that you only once dreamed about. Real human stories written by runners and students of the solitary arts for runners and students of the solitary arts. But also for non-runners because at the end of the day what we really wanna do is just get you high, by sharing the inspirado to get Better at Living we all share.

Travis Keller tryptique

Who me? Hi, I’m Travis Keller. I grew up in the Pacific Northwest but for the past 23 years I’ve called Los Angeles home. I’m an artist, photographer, writer, director, drone pilot, skateboarder, runner and human just trying to be the best version of myself. You may know me already from some of my other exploits like Buddyhead or American Primitive, if so welcome to the next episode my Gs. If not, nice to meet you all the same. I’m super grateful to be here, honored, floored and just beyond excited to stir shit up cuz we’re different. We’re gonna make some cool-ass shit here at Possessed.

This year feels like a very uncomfortable time for many of us, but try not to trip out. Change is upon us, let’s change for the better. Don’t listen to people who see barriers instead of opportunities. They are part of the problem. As humans we made up all of this bullshit that comprises the world we live in, so it’s our imaginations that can also definitely make the world a better place. Change starts at home. Gotta take the reins, start with you, and take care. For me, part of that means running so that I don’t go crazy. If you dig back into everything I’ve ever done, you’ll find that I’ve always been chasing the High. It’s just as I get older I find myself choosing what I want to be addicted to more wisely. And lately, I’ve also really been trying to be the person I needed when I was younger.


And what I mean when I say that is, when I was younger I needed a rock. So like, now, I try to work toward becoming the rock that I needed back then. I can be a better grounding force, parent, extended family member, sibling, and best friend that I so sorely needed when I was younger. None of us get asked if we want to be born into this, but all of us can definitely choose how we live it. For me, every morning that I go out running, I set and accept a challenge. As hard as conquering those challenges is sometimes, it feels good as fuck doing it. Not only does it give me a clear head but it helps with the creative ideas and gives me confidence for the rest of the day. And if you ask me, all that shit seems to be connected.

In closing, I gotta point out that absolutely no one who knows me would have ever guessed I’d end up being the editor of a running magazine, including my track coach Dad… and even myself. The best things in life cannot be planned. I accept this position not as an expert on running, or expert on anything at all really, but as a challenge to grow, become a better version of myself, and share that better person with y’all. I don’t even fully know what that means yet, but I hope you’ll come along on this journey and learn with me.


Possessed content will start dropping soon... In the meantime here is a playlist of some of my current favorite songs, hope you dig! -TK

Travis Keller Aloha