The Essentials


Whether it's race day, warm weather, high intensity output, or for layering, our sleeveless tops are engineered to endure and elevate.

Race Singlet


Our perforated singlet is engineered for race day. The micro-holes in the fabric reduce its weight and maximize breathability while also providing an easy way to attach your number.

"I've worn this top for everything from a 100km ultra to rigorous yoga sessions and in every instance I'm amazed at how well it performs. Don't let the perforated mesh dissuade you — this is unlike any mesh you've ever experienced before."
- Adam John - Head of Customer Experience, Satisfy


Cult Moth Eaten Muscle Tee


It's OK to run in cotton. With its signature Moth Eaten holes for ventilation, this is our go-to shirt for running, training, and everything in between.

“Perfect ventilation, great feel, minimalist and clean style. This is my new favorite band tee.”
- Tommy Hubert - Head of Public Relations, Satisfy



For casual comfort during trips of all intensities, nothing beats a t-shirt. Whether it's a classic cotton or silky synthetic, our short sleeves are designed to be effortlessly comfortable for everything from post-run afterglows on the couch to ultramarathons.

Light T-Shirt


Whether it's tempo or long run day, this tee is designed to keep you feeling fresh throughout.

"I love to wear the Light material tops with pretty much everything I own—from shorts to jeans. The fabric feels like silk and is beautifully dyed. It's ultra breathable and ideal for warm days but also as a base layer during colder periods."
- Anne Belleville - Graphic Designer, Satisfy


Cult Moth Eaten T-Shirt


It's OK to run in cotton. With its signature Moth Eaten holes for ventilation, this is our go-to shirt for running, training, and everything in between.

"Our cotton tops are great because I can wear them casually throughout the day and then easily shift into a run without having to change."
- Raphael Arbuz - Head of Ecommerce & Digital, Satisfy



There is that sweet spot of brisk chilly weather during which the right long sleeve top reigns supreme. Our Light Long Tee was designed to allow you to welcome the cold with open arms and strides.


Experience the wearable lightness of being. Using an array of unique and proprietary fabrics, our shorts are engineered to offer unparalleled utility while keeping weight and perceived presence at a minimum.

Justice™ 10" Cargo Shorts


These Justice™ Cargo Shorts are designed for long distance running. For our first ever compression half-tights, we innovated the classic design by adding exterior cargo pockets so you can carry nutrition or water flasks.

"These half tights are my go to for rigorous and technical trail runs here in the Pacific Northwest. They take all the functionality of a hydration vest and imbue them into shorts. I've carried my sunglasses, a 500ml hydration flask, my car keys, phone and my t-shirt all at the same time in these shorts while maintaining full range of motion and speed on uphill climbs and downhill bombs. Cannot recommend more highly for trail runners or urban run commuters."
- Adam John - Head of Customer Experience, Satisfy


Trail 3" Shorts


Every day shorts with a 6 pocket system so you can carry everything you need for long runs. The Justice™ lining keeps your thighs sweat-free so the exterior short doesn't chafe while the phosphorescent back panels ensure you're visible on early or late runs. These shorts are the perfect balance between lightweight and functional.

"I will be wearing these for my next ultra, without a doubt. The inseam is just long enough to prevent any thigh chafing over long to super long distances and just short enough so you feel free as the day you were born. The storage capabilities are such that I don't need to wear an additional piece of gear if I need to bring nutrition, since I'm much more a fan of handheld hydration rather than vests on race day."
- Adam John - Head of Customer Experience, Satisfy


Short Distance 8" Shorts


Warm weather shorts with enough pockets for carrying the essentials. The Coldblack® lining gives UV protection and absorbs heat so their performance doesn't change as you warm up.

"My favorite shorts we've designed so far. They perfectly combine high technicality and cool design. The lining is soft and very comfortable, the shell is super lightweight and dries fast. I also wear it during my yoga sessions—the long lining is ideal for tricky positions."
- Anne Belleville - Graphic Designer, Satisfy



Long pants should also make you feel free.

Studio™ Pants

Out of Stock

Designed to help you leave all physical distractions behind en route to altered states of mind, our Studio™ Pants give new meaning to the term "High"-performance.

"For when you want to feel high in daily life. The lightweight fabric, dynamic stretch comfort, and minimal beautiful design make me feel like flying! Even on warm summer days, they make me feel so nice."
- Kotaro Shiomi - Head of Product Development, Satisfy



Just because the weather sucks doesn't mean your attitude has to. Embrace the suck with imperceptible protection from wind, water and chill. Or immerse yourself in luxurious comfort.

Packable Windbreaker

Out of Stock

Minimalist packable outer layer for rainy or windy conditions. Perfect for attaching to the S-biner on our running bottoms for when the weather can't decide.

"I like the windbreaker because the fabric is super lightweight, water repellent but not shiny. To top if off, its handfeel is close to silk."
- Brice Partouche - C.E.O. and Creative Director, Satisfy


Cult Cropped Hoodie


Designed for comfort for the comedown from all mind-altering activities.

"It’s the perfect combination of a vintage-feel fabric and a contemporary oversized look. The cropped shape makes it extremely versatile, from chilling at home to sweating at the gym, and everything in between. It’s one of the pieces I wear the most."
- Jeff Gaudinet - Art Director, Satisfy



Staying hydrated throughout a run doesn't have to weigh you down.


The right pair of socks can elevate and transform your shoes. The right cap can't do that for your mind but we think this is as close as it gets.

L.A. Dynamic Running Cap


Our Dynamic Running Cap protects against the elements while ensuring airflow.

"I have a small head so the rear magic tape makes the cap fits perfectly. I remember from my LA days how crucial this iconic item was and we felt the need to make it our own."
- Jeff Gaudinet - Art Director, Satisfy



The cornerstone. Music informs and infiltrates our entire creative process. This is our way of sharing our inarticulable raison d'être in sonic and physical form.