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In conversation with Adam Katz Sinding

Adam KatzImage: @davidzhsu

Your Instagram specifically states that this is "Not a fucking street style blog" - how would you describe what you do?
"Street Style" is used to create trends and sell clothes. I personally don't want to take any part of telling people what they "should" buy. I'm there (at Fashion Week) to document the atmosphere and, as a bi-product, capture people going to the shows. I also shoot a lot of backstage, editorial, look-book, campaigns. Let's put it this way: I'm a photographer, and I like to shoot outdoors and backstage at shows.

What is the relationship between running and creativity? We often talk about "The High" - do you get this in your work as well as running?
Running is the only way I keep going. When people hear that I run around all day shooting and then come home and head out for a 10k, they think I'm mad. But running gives me so much energy and clarity, and is so cathartic. I once took 7 months off from running and fell into a deep depression, was lazy (fat) and bored. Now, after the shows while my photos are uploading, I slip on my shoes and head out. I don't listen to music, I listen to my breathe and feel my lungs burn. That makes me feel weak and strong at once and I realize that this is the most alive I feel during the course of the day. I think running actually takes me away from any creativity, it's my time to escape.
What is it like running in Paris during Fashion Week?
I run from the Marais to Bastille, along the Seine to Pont Tolbiac, around BnF, past IFM, crossing back over the Île Saint-Louis, up rue Veille du Temple, and back home. It's almost exactly 10k. You run along the river, through tunnels, cobbles, dirt, wooden stairs, bridges, islands. It's awesome. You smell exhaust, evaporating Seine, urine, sulfur, trees, dried alcohol, croissants, and yourself.
Ob-La-Di Coffeeshop - Paris Image: @obladicafe
What are a few of your favorite Paris spots post-run?
Well, now since you guys had that run at Ob-La-Di, I start my days there, but that's pre-run. I eat at Nanashi, Season, Charlot (I know, I know), Au Passage, Le Marie-Celeste, Miznon, blah blah. I like La Perle during FW because you bump into everyone you know. To be honest, most of my time is spent working, so I just stay close to my apartment when I finish my work. Relaxation is a luxury I don't get much of a chance to enjoy.
Last time we went on a run together you told me you don't race. Why do you run?
I don't race because I like to stop at red lights and set my own pace. I run because I need that contrast from work. I like to run at night, especially on the weekends, passing by bars where people are getting drunk, and I'm doing something good for my body. I feel like I'm doing the right thing. But of course, after the run, I'll join them ;)
Adam Katz Image: @meolandia

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