A Sonic & Physical Performance

Satisfy introduces Studio™, a new collection designed for yoga, meditation and other mind altering activities. In 2005, after decades of conceptualization, Richard Gibbs built Woodshed Recording on the 1.5-acre lot adjacent to his Malibu home. Typically, when musicians enter a recording studio, they are guests of engineers. Gibbs’ goal was to create a space that flipped this paradigm on its head, a space the musician felt was theirs, eliminating any distractions that might prevent them from reaching higher states of creativity and invention. It is in vain that we say what we feel, for what we feel never resides in what we say, which is ultimately what makes attaining and describing these higher states so elusive. On February 11, 2020, we spent the day in Woodshed Recording with Guy Blakeslee and Yancy Scot Schwartz. Our goal was to capture this feeling—The High—through a syntax other than language, curating a space in which Guy and Yancy could express this through music and movement. Woodshed was the perfect environment, Satisfy the perfect garb. The things we can control in pursuit of The High are limited, and The High is never guaranteed. Still, this does not stop us from chasing it. Just like Gibbs did with Woodshed Recording, we at Satisfy design our products with the aim of eliminating any distractions that interfere with reaching The High.

NAME The High / A Sonic & Physical Performance
SHOT IN Woodshed Recording - Malibu, CA
DATE February 2020
RUNNER Max Jolliffe
MUSIC BY Guy Blakeslee
YOGA Yancy Scot Schwartz
DIRECTED BY Magdalena Wosinska
DP Dan Dealy
EDITED BY David & Douglas
FORMAT 16/9 Full HD & Hi8