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the knowledge: track workout by Lucie Beatrix

The Knowledge is our ongoing series for transforming thinking into doing. We ask experts to distill a lifetime of knowledge into short instructional videos that make it impossible for you to mess up or find an excuse. In other words, we've done most of the thinking for you, now all you need to do is do.

This week, we present an instructional video by Lucie Beatrix on track workouts.

Lucie Beatrix is a fashion model turned competitive athlete currently living in New York City. During her time as a model, Lucie’s mental and physical state took a turn for the worse and she bottomed out. At just 105 pounds and subsisting on a few bottles of wine a day, she set out to press the reset button on her life. Determined to rewrite her own script, she began running as a way to balance out her hectic lifestyle and find a sense of inner peace. Along with uprooting her routines—from fine-tuning her diet to getting sober—Lucie has managed to run some extremely competitive times in the 5k and marathon distances. Lucie continues to work on herself, chasing a rewarding, enriching life of running strong, and sharing that gift of movement with the athletes she coaches. Feelin’ good, living better. You know the vibes.

This speed workout on the track is good for training for everything from the mile to the marathon, plus it’s pretty easy to just jump into if you already have a solid base. Don’t be afraid.

The workout itself is 20 x 200m (or a 1/2 lap) at 5k to mile pace, with 60 sec rest. Pro tip is to really take advantage of the 60 sec rest to get SO chill until the next rep. After a few miles of a shuffle warm up, get yourself to the starting line and dive in!

Done properly, this little speed workout on the track should shake you out of your comfort zone or the monotony of just logging the miles. Let’s go!

Lucie also compiled this one hour companion playlist for you, a mix that covers Scandinavian psychedelica to Krautrock, and more.

Lucie's playlist on Spotify and Apple Music.

Video and photo by Lucie Beatrix.

Picture by D Dubs.