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the knowledge: yoga for runners by Justin Timothy Temple

As a runner, chances are you've frequently thought about how much yoga, strength training, or improving your diet could benefit your running. Maybe you even used that free guest pass your friend had to that yoga studio or pressed play on a YouTube workout or ate a salad for lunch that one time. Well, this ain't elementary school and there ain't no gold star system in place. You could be doing more, and it shows.

The Knowledge is our ongoing series for transforming thinking into doing. We ask experts to distill a lifetime of knowledge into short instructional videos that make it impossible for you to mess up or find an excuse. In other words, we've done most of the thinking for you, now all you need to do is do.

This week, we present a 10-minute yoga flow for runners by Justin Timothy Temple

Justin is a yoga teacher, writer, and speaker from Baltimore, Maryland. He is devoted to the study of yoga through a multidisciplinary lens and strives to increase awareness, education, and inclusive access to yoga. Justin also integrates his study of art, philosophy, and ritual into his teachings.

Video and photo by Isaiah Winters