The decision to run can be an intimidating one. An activity marketed by rail thin gazelle’s gliding across the earth, seemingly effortless. An act often measured in black and white numerals, telling you you’re worth. What was the distance? What was the pace? Did you win? An act lead by mostly upper-class suites, gatekeepers defining what is and is not a runner. The gift of running is much more intrinsic, esoteric, and albeit rebellious. Running is a form of expression. Like a painter or musician, your way will not and should not be like everyone else’s. In the sense, of comparing Jackson Pollock to Dali or Beethoven to Little Richard, your personal running journey can be whatever you decide. There are no prerequisites. If you are running, you are a runner. But where to start? Many new runners do not know where to begin when deciding on how to outfit themselves. Since, running is a form of creative expression we put together a collection of pieces that allow one to express themselves without sacrificing superior function.

Rippy™ 3" Trail Shorts

CoffeeThermal™ 8" Shorts

Space‑O™ 2.5" Distance Shorts

The most essential piece of running apparel is a quality pair of shorts. Shorts can be worn as low as 0*C/32*F and will be a foundational piece in all runner’s wardrobe. Your body type as well as climate will predicate which style may suit you best. If you live in a warmer climate and have a smaller frame. You may find that a piece like the Space-O 2.5 Shorts a perfect option to remain cool and comfortable. If you live in a colder area or just prefer more body coverage. The Techsilk 8”/Coffee Thermal is a great piece to provide optimum coverage while still wicking any excess sweat and moisture. If your conditions vary or you are worried about chaffing of the thighs or perhaps you are just looking for a short that can do it all. An item such as, the TechSilk 5”/Trail Rippy 3” may suit you best. These will work in a plethora of climates and accommodate most body types. With all of these pieces you have key features such as sweat resistant pockets for you your phone, S-Carabiner for keys, and often added pockets for any other necessities.

The most common mistake by new runners is over dressing. Your body temperature can warm up after 10 minutes of running. It is recommended to dress as if it is 5*C/10*F degrees warmer than it actually is. Our MothTech T-Shirt is one of our staple pieces and offers runners a cornerstone piece that they can wear in a variety of climates. The perfect weight for a multitude of conditions, coupled with strategic ventilation makes this a go to piece for all. However, if you prefer something on thinner and lighter. The Auralite T-Shirt and Long Sleeve offer an almost weightless feel and have technologies to keep the sweat off your skin. For those venturing into colder conditions. Tops like the CloudMerino T-shirt and Long-Sleeve will help retain warmth while still offering unprecedented moisture management.

MothTech™ T‑Shirt

CloudMerino™ T‑Shirt

AuraLite™ Long Tee

Tights can be a preferred bottom piece for many. The supple fit can prevent air from reaching the skin and elasticity can create a comfortability unmatched by other bottoms. If tights are your jam. Items such as the Justice 9” Cargo Half-Tight offer a form fitting feel while keeping you cool and dry. If needing added warmth, the Justice Tight and the even warmer Coffee Thermal tight provides runners a cozy comfortable run without restrictions on body movements. As with the shorts these pieces will accommodate most phones in a sweatproof pocket, S-Carabiner for your keys, and designated pockets for any other needs.

Justice™ 9" Cargo Half‑Tight

CoffeeThermal™ Tights

Running parrels many life lessons. You receive what you give to it. As in life, you learn through experience. So, get out there find out what running can do for you. Whether your running journey contains goals of improved health, conquering bucket list races, or just finding a meditative mental reprieve, you are one of us a runner.