There are two currents powerfully affecting our human existence: the destruction of the natural world and unparalleled technological advancement. Nature Tech lies at the nexus of these trends, nurturing and exalting the natural world in order to generate truly organic and resilient technical fabrics.

For our latest drop, we traveled to the Spanish island of Lanzarote. A designated biosphere reserve, this island of volcanic origin is a learning place for sustainable development and preservation of genetic biodiversity. We explored the terrain, seeking out the elements that inspired Nature Tech.

Nature is technology.


PowerFlower™ has the feel of a silky durable nylon but is constructed from plant‑derived polymers. This technology has been through years of development and prototyping and it is a milestone in sustainable technical outdoor equipment.


DermaPeace™ is organic cotton blended with a fiber made from wood and seaweed.

The fabric is completely biodegradable and its high level of antioxidants protects the skin against harmful free radicals by establishing a rejuvenating active exchange by interacting with natural moisture of the body.


CloudMerino™ is our merino wool program. Due to its quality and weightlessness, there is no need to blend it with synthetic materials for performance. Unrivaled in its natural thermoregulatory capacity, we source our merino optimo from Japan and finish the production there as well in an effort to minimize our carbon footprint.


MothTech™ is our organic & overwashed cotton program. Inspired by the feeling of your favorite well-loved vintage T-shirt, all our MothTech™ tops feature “moth holes” that are body-mapped to create a unique and effective ventilation system.

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