WinterPack 2 Black
WinterPack2 White

Never more than during winter is the runner's willpower pushed to its limits. The thought of facing elemental extremes is often enough for many to repeatedly hit the snooze button or opt out of a run altogether. We believe, however, that in the experience of being confronted with and overcoming the frigid depths of winter, some of the highest highs can be attained.


This drop foregoes prints and images in order to emphasize fabric and color. The end result is a collection of garments that blur the boundaries of the runner and their wintry surroundings, from both a chromatic and thermoregulatory perspective. Just as a vehicle takes you anywhere regardless of temperature, so too can the right gear. Run free in the cold, don't let the cold run you.

Our winter pack was inspired by our close friend, Patrick Stangbye. Based in Norway, Patrick is a veteran of running throughout the harshest of winter conditions over a vast variety of terrain. From forests and fjords to roads and alpine ridges, his know-how in the art of layering is most evident in the way he effortlessly puts together a winter running kit. There is a complexity to the minimalism in his approach, and we aimed to capture that essence. Our conversation with him about his philosophy on the art of layering and more will be dropping soon.

Read the conversation here.