The process is physical but the destination is not. We designed products inspired by the ego death induced by Long Slow Distance. Keep the body moving and the mind is set free.

"When I’m in nature, I'm with my body. I listen, I feel, I hear and I keep focusing step after step. I feel significantly insignficant. I am in tune with myself, with nature. We are one.
Today, everything is so fast. Everyone is always reachable and connected. You have notices on your phone. Mail and messages are pouring over you. All this contact in the digital world makes me feel numb.
When I run, no one can reach me.
Long slow distance allows me to more intimately know myself, in all states. My best and worst self.
Running for me is a way of recharging, affording my brain and body some repose from the numbing effects of that aforementioned digital world. It gives me the ability to come back and give more"
- Petter Lundgren

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