High Rotation

Max Jolliffe

Max Jolliffe. Runner, surfer, ex-skater, Cali native, friend of POSSESSED, and certified beast. In the last twelve months, Max has run a 2:36 in the California International Marathon; finished second in his first 100-mile mountain race, the SAMO 100 (21:52:57); and won the inaugural Saddles 50 trail race (7:52:02) off the back of a 700-day run streak. That, my friends, is beast shit. When he’s not running, Max is surfing, hanging at the beach, climbing, chilling with his dog Lenny, or just 'stacking memes on Strava.' Recently, he purchased a bicycle, so watch out, whoever the current cycling beast is. We asked Max which five records he can’t live without.

Photography: Pierre David

Outkast – Big Boi and Dre Present… Outkast


You know how people get a death row meal? This would be my death row album… Let me listen to this once through before you put me down. If I could only pick one album for the rest of time, this would be it by far.

The Smiths – Hatful  of Hollow


I might be cheating a little bit with these first two picks because technically they’re both compilations, but I gotta have The Smiths in the mix. Sometimes I be on my sad boy shit.

Bad Brains – Black Dots


For variety, I need to touch on all of my favorite genres. For me, this is the greatest punk album of all time. This demo album is so fucking raw; put this on if you wanna run fast. Bad Brains were sick from the beginning.

Creedence Clearwater Revival – Green River 


I don’t know if there’s any better roadtrip music than CCR. Always takes me back to long drives when I was a kid. It was actually hard for me to pick a single album because they have so many hits, it’s crazy. This album was also recorded in 1969, maybe the greatest year in music history?

Three 6 Mafia – Underground Vol. 1: 1991–1994


There’s a good possibility that this is your favorite underground rapper’s favorite album. Three 6 was my first favorite rap group, and this album has all the bangers on it. I’ve been listening to a lot of this shit lately. All hail triple six!