Phone it in

Matt Lenehan

This month's Phone It In subject is Satisfy's latest pro athlete—and first road runner on the team—Matt Lenehan. Matt lives in San Francisco, a town where everyone has enormous calf muscles from climbing all the hills. Being a professional runner, Matt's calves are bigger than most other San Franciscans'. They look like loaves of bread. With veins. And hair. Sick.

With a 2:17 marathon time, it's safe to say Matt has an unquenchable thirst for speed. He's a two-time Olympic Trials Qualifier, the 2022 Lake Sonoma Trail marathon winner, but also a pretty chill dude for someone striving for Olympic glory. Matt is currently training for the 2024 Olympic Team Trials in Orlando, but he took some time to send us some snaps and captions.

Most Recent Photo On Your Phone

Just a screenshot of my banking app showing my net worth. Had a strong quarter. The quarter was made of pure metal; none of the guys in the office could even bend it. 📈📊💹

The Least Recent Photo On Your Phone

This photo is from 2013 when I got my first smartphone. I said, 'Hey, Mish, look, I finally ditched my flip phone and g…' and Mish swiped it from my hand, took this selfie, and set it as my wallpaper.

A Photo Of Someone Doing A Handstand On A Hoverboard

Here you go!

Your Favorite Human

Both my parents made courageous decisions that generationally improved our family's trajectory. My dad, raised in Boston's housing projects and exposed to a lot of drugs at a super young age, diligently obtained his technician license, paving his way to become an engineer. My mother grew up in Seoul, but had to leave her parents and four younger siblings at age 14 for an opportunity in America. Despite being the sole Asian in her new town and not knowing English, she successfully adapted and got her college degree. This photo is of her (in the beret) on the day she left Korea.

Where You Are When You're Not Running

I understand this is the most endurance-athlete-hardo answer of all time, but I do be trying to bike as much as I can when I'm not running. Here's a photo of my pal Kyle and me when we went bikepacking with hammocks.

An American Cat or Dog

Snakes (left) was born with a fatal disease called FIP, but my fianceé Mish found a way to get this unapproved drug from China, and after 12 weeks of treatment, he was cured.

The Inside of Your Refrigerator

Oh 🤭 you thought we weren't getting this bread?

The Place You Keep All Your Running Gear

If we're talking just shoes, then they all go behind our closet door. In this photo, I included the terrific tree outside of our window that we have named Tré.

Your Mailman

I live in a building, so I have never met my mailmen, but because of this assignment, I went out and made it happen this week. They said they'd take the picture 'for a fee,' and I chuckled at their joke and snapped this photo. As I was walking away, I faintly heard them repeat that I had to pay a fee. Since then, I've had a clothing item shipped to me in the wrong style (and size), and another package has completely gone missing. It's clear to me now that the all-powerful postal gods have cast a curse upon me.

Favorite Place to Run in SF

You'd be a fool not to choose Golden Gate Park or the Marin Headlands, as both are majestic and perfect in every way. However, there's a unique charm in the flawed paths we're forced to frequent due to proximity. These locations become special over time, fostering a sense of pride among the cult who regularly traverse them. For me, these cherished spots are the Bayview and Hunter's Point.

A Tattoo & The Story Behind It

Over the years, I've gotten some tattoos. This one my sister did. You know what they say about tattoos—they're temporary. They'll all just wash away once I finally take a shower.

Something You Need to Throw Out

My Van Nikes.

Your Proudest Moment

My mom gifted me a sewing machine, and—outside of patching up some clothes—this fanny pack was the first thing I made. It's rewarding because when the apocalypse happens, this will be the one skill I might be able to offer to a wandering tribe for acceptance into their group.