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WELCOME TO EARTH: Fartlek Training

Regarding email signoffs, it seems like 'Best regards' is super popular right now. So, if you wrote us a letter and didn't end with 'Best regards,' we're sorry, but we can't publish it. You need to get with the program. Best regards, Ed.

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I just wanted to say thank you for providing such a solid read. It's been keeping me motivated. I suppose, like many people, I got back into running during the Covid lockdowns. From the outset, one of the things I have been amazed at is the sense of community in running, and I love the way POSSESSED encourages that true runner's experience. Just one thing, people keep ejecting me from their clubs not long after I get comfortable with them and start to make friends. I'm a flat-earther and an anti-vaxxer; it seems people don't agree with me. Any tips on not scaring peeps away?

Keep up the great work!

Best regards,

Teddy Dubois  

Brighton, England.

Hey Teddy! Thanks for the kind words! Regarding your ejection from various running clubs, I recommend starting your own club for conspiracy enthusiasts. You could call it The Chemtrail Trail Club or something like that. Good luck, and be careful you don't run off the edge.



I have been running for ten years now and have to say first that what you are doing at POSSESSED is the best thing happening in running. I'm so glad someone is finally not taking it so seriously anymore. Thank you for that. My only criticism would be, why don't you make a POSSESSED physical magazine? #want

Best regards,

Travis Hunter,


It's coming, Travis. 



I was stoked to see you talk about Dr. Sarno last issue. My back was wrecked and I couldn't run for 2 years because the doctors said I had degenerative L4-L5 discs. I was taking anti-inflammatory and pain killers, and I had epidural corticosteroid shots also. Then a friend's dad gave me Dr. Sarno's book and now I'm running almost every day and have been pain free for over ten years.

Just wanted to say good work on that.

Best regards,

Susan K.

Hey Susan! This is so awesome to hear. Sarno is a lifesaver!


Hello Jason,

As you asked on IG, here you are – STUFF.

Thanks, and merry Christmas.

Best regards,

Yuriy Belezeko