High Rotation

Playlists for the People

After the positive reaction to last issue’s ‘Mix Tapes’ story, we’ve decided to change up High Rotation. Instead of getting someone to tell us about five records they can’t live without (which, let’s be honest, was just a rip-off of Desert Island Discs), we’re asking friends to build running playlists for us. Some of these friends will be runners, some will be musicians, and others may well be neither. A professional darts player might offer up some tunes. The important thing is we’re discovering new music—and new music that compliments the activity defining this publication: runnin’


SPEED is a hardcore band from Sydney, Australia. As their name would suggest, they are very fast, and they’ve created a playlist to help you go fast too.

SPEED: ‘We all worked on this playlist together. It’s a mix of energetic high tempo hardcore from the past and the present, with a couple of heavier ass-beaters and some other styles thrown in to help you keep one foot in front of the other. Enjoy!'

Tommie Runz

Tommie Runz is a friend of the mag, a marathon addict, and one of the most running-stoked dudes you’ll ever meet.

Tommie: ‘This playlist bounces around a little bit! Just like a long progression run, the mental and physical both have their ups and downs. Sometimes, we need motivation for faster turnover, and in the next moment, we need something to help us find a smooth rhythm at a tougher pace.' Photo: @ncj_phto

Janelle Lincks

Janelle is one of our professional athletes and a Colorado native. She is very, very fast, and she doesn't listen to music when she runs! WHAT? 

Janelle: ‘To be totally honest, I don’t listen to music on runs. My dad always told me not to when I was a kid, and I could never get into it even later in life. That said, I cannot cross-train without music, and I have been doing a lot of that this past year. So, with cross-training in mind, here are the songs I like when I’m in hell on the elliptical or having an alright time biking around.’ Photo: @somerrunner

Matt Cherubino

Matt is photographer, filmmaker (with major doco in the works), a garden variety distance fiend, and friend of POSSESSED.

Matt: ‘This playlist was inspired by trail running in the Australian bush. There's an interesting connection between the ambience of the forest, juxtaposed with house/tech beats. I prefer to run to this style of music with limited vocals as it lets me drift into that flow state and be more in tune with what is around me. In a funny way, it's a more intense form of meditation. Building from a slow to a faster tempo, hopefully, this playlist helps you melt into your local trails as it does for me.’

Check out the full POSSESSED playlist library HERE.