High Rotation

Tilly GW

Tilly GW is an artist, athlete, and a friend of the mag. When we hit her up for this instalment of HIGH ROTATION, however, she was reluctant to make a definitive selection. ‘Five special records?' she said. ‘What an impossible task. I find it difficult to have favourite things. We need all the things in order to like one, which means we have to appreciate them all to make sense of the best. I like a lot of different genres of music, moods, feelings, moments, different sounds to accompany different emotions. I like big harsh noise in big dark sweaty rooms, I also like rounded beats made by intricate instruments and smiling musicians, as well as little bitty nondescript clicks. I like ups and downs but also continuous, humming, under the ground, strange and never-ending things. My selections are enjoyed, particular moments, they might take me to a different world or help me stay in this one, they might be shared with a friend, covered in sparkle or helpful in the dark. They are not my favourite, but they aren’t not my favourites.’

Photography: Claudia Lederer / Words: Tilly GW

Daniel Avery – Drone Logic


About to arrive at something or maybe you never will. 

Greentea Peng – MAN MADE


Shared with a friend, it’s hot and their eyes are sparking, for freedom, advice, reassurance, anger, and womanhood.

Romare – Love Songs: Part Two


When you physically can’t stop your little arms and legs from going in all directions, heart goes up and down, smile is confused, excited because you are here and you’d like to stay a while.

Jill Scott – Beautifully Human: Words and Sounds 


A reminder of our strength, our power, our gold.

Bonobo – Migration


To accompany any mood or place, a constant, whether at the forefront of your mind or to support a difficult thought, idea, task.