The Style Issue




What is Style? Who has Style? Do *you* have Style or are you just copying someone else’s Style? Big questions, and questions we intend to answer—or, at the very least, skirt around—in this, the Style issue of *POSSESSED* Mag.

Style is unavoidable. Everyone has it. If you look like hell, that’s bad style. If you look the bee’s knees, that’s good style. Me, I don’t know if I have good or bad style. Looking back on my sartorial choices over the years, there were lots of times when, as far as I can tell, I just donned the uniform. When I skated in the ‘90s, I looked exactly like a skater in the ‘90s: Dickies, Hook-Ups shirt, DC shoes. In the early 2000s, I joined a band and decked myself out in tight jeans, a studded belt, dumb tattoos, and longish hair. These days, I dress like a runner who works for Satisfy. When I’m not running, though, I get around in spaghetti-stained sweatpants and a sombrero I found in a dumpster. I just don’t care anymore.

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