Phone it in

Kílian Jornet Burgada

This being the KÍLIAN IS POSSESSED issue, it made sense to feature him in as many departments as possible. But when it came time to send him through a shot list for PHONE IT IN, we were a little hesitant to request the customary photo of the fridge because, you know, he's a living legend, and you don't ask living legends if it's okay to have a look inside their refrigerator. That's like asking Elvis (RIP) for a photo of his medicine cabinet. In the end, though, we went ahead and asked, and Kílian happily sent us not one but TWO pictures of his fridge, and now we wish we'd been much more nosey.

But of all the PHONE IT INs we've done so far, this one is the most beautiful. It's all blue skies, snow-capped mountains, and happy, smiling people—the three main ingredients in the life of Kílian Jornet. 

Most Recent Photo On Your Phone

The last picture in my phone.

The Most Spanish thing in Norway

The notebook my mother kept of our climbs and summits from when I was three years old. English Translation:

'Naila - Tossa Plana de Lles (2,897 meters) col with some summer visitors from the shelter. July 16, 1990

August 5, 1990 - We have seen three eagles below the shelter towards the shepherd's hut.

August 23, 1990 - Eduard has found a small griva [native bird species] in the middle of the road (it cannot fly). He took it to the shelter, and it didn't want to leave. It spent the night inside. We fed it flies, and it ate them. In the morning, we let it go.

August 30, 1990 - There are now small frogs from the tadpoles.

November 1, 1990 - We went up to Tossa Plana de Lles. Kilian - Naila (in arms) - Isaac - Montse - Núria and the dogs Thor and Nit.

Kilian just turned 3 years old on the 27th. This child really can walk!

April 1991 - Kilian, Naila, Eduard, Anna, and Arantxa have climbed Canigó. There has been little snow this winter. Naila was carried in arms. On the way down, they encountered fog.

They went to Vilafranca del Conflent and were impressed. The witches also went to the cave.'

Your Favorite Humans

My favorite people taking a snack on a frozen lake.

Where You Are When You're Not Running

A place where I spend some non-running time making protos and modifying gear.

Some Other Favorite Humans

People I learned from. Tosas and Corominas showing me our daily foot ration for the next week during a winter expedition in the Himalayas.

The Inside of Your Refrigerator

Outside my fridge / Inside my fridge

The Place You Keep All Your Gear

The garderobe where I try to keep the gear I use most often.

The Best Photo You Ever Took

My best picture from the window of our house.

A Scar & The Story Behind It

Not a scar, but a scary moment. Climbing Everest, I cut an avalanche and fell into a crevasse. When I took this picture, I didn't know yet if I was going to make it.

Something On Wheels

My home for some years when I was living in the Alps.

Something Rare

A (very rare) moment when I wanted to be home instead of in the mountains (at a very far summit during the late Pyrenees crossing. After +30h non-stop with some more hours to go).

Your Proudest Moment

One of my best moments, some hours after being in the avalanche/crevasse, standing above 8000m alone in the mountain and enjoying a sunset, looking at Lhotse and Makalu.