High Rotation

Kílian's Killer Tape

For this Special KÍLIAN IS POSSESSED issue of POSSESSED, we have one very special playlist from, you guessed it, Kílian Jornet. These are the songs Kílian digs. Whether they’re tunes that he listens to while giving the ghost of Sir Edmund Hillary a panic attack is anyone’s guess, but they’re all great tracks, and, we have to say, they provide an interesting window into the inner life of Mr. Jornet. 

These songs are ‘not in any order,’ says Kílian, but however you shake them out, it’s a very diverse selection. Jimi Hendrix and Johann Pachelbel are hanging out with Patti Smith and Bach, which doesn’t seem right, but—guess what—it sounds perfect. I will say, though, I’m a little disappointed he hasn’t included Kate Bush’s ‘Running Up That Hill’ or Jane’s Addiction’s ‘Mountain Song’ or ‘Long Hard Climb’ by Neil Diamond, but perhaps that would’ve been a bit obvious and weird. Anyway, on behalf of Kílian, we hope you dig this playlist, and we hope it helps get you up that mountain a little quicker. Hit play below.

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