Kílian is Possessed



MARCH 2024

Welcome to a very special edition of POSSESSED. This issue is dedicated to the one and only elite athlete, Mr Kílian Jornet. If you’re just coming out of a twenty-year coma, Kílian Jornet is the greatest trail runner and all-around mountain athlete in recorded history. There might be someone greater in prehistory, but we seriously doubt it, and until you finish building that time machine, it’s Kílian. Kílian holds more speed records than there are species of owl, and he’s won more races—often multiple times in a row—than you or I have had pizza pockets. Of course, I’m exaggerating (everyone knows how many pizza pockets you’ve eaten), but my point is this: Kílian is a legit phenomenon, a living legend, and right now he’s deeply embarrassed by this gushy introduction, but he’s the star of our 51st issue of POSSESSED, and that’s something to gush about.

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