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WELCOME TO EARTH: Fartlek Training

Woof! Woof! The mail is in! And what a month for mail it was. Mostly it was irate readers writing to complain that last month's Swifticle Picksicles® tasted like dog shit, but then there were some readers who just wanted to brag about being silently propositioned by strangers in the woods, like Chad from Seattle. Good for you, Chad. If you'd like to write a letter to the editor, hit up POSSESSED here!


Last week, I was running trails in the Tiger Mountain State Forest just outside my home in Seattle, and a middle-aged female hiker flashed me. I wonder if this has happened to any of your other readers in the Tiger Mountain State Forest or anywhere else?




Readers, if you've been flashed by a strange woman while running in Washington's Tiger Mountain State Forest area, please tell us about it.


Dear Ed,

I first started running fresh out of university in a new city when a housemate invited me out to join her for a quick lap of a local trail. The runners high got me hooked. I love how running opens your eyes to the people, rhythm, inner workings, and geography of the city. Anyway, a few years later, I joined a small local running club and met some great mates who introduced me to Satisfy & POSSESSED.

I loved the story about the Isle of Wight Marathon in the Weird issue. Good to see POSSESSED is tackling the big issues and keeping it fun.

 I believe.



Hey Tom! Thanks for the kind and wise words. I hope the Sydney hills are treating your legs well!


Dear Crombie,

I'm in a running rut or 'dry spell' - I haven't laced up in 3 months. Plus, I have no motivation besides the guilt and anxiety I'm causing myself around NOT going running. Even though I have races on the horizon - not even a fat joint has been able to move my fat ass.

I've been doing other active things like skiing, but the winter weather has made me run-phobic, and I need a miracle or a magic potion. What do you suggest I do to get inspired and get back on the f****** grind?

Yours truly,

Dazed, Doughy, and Dusted


Oh no! That's terrible. Just start again. I have a rule that if I put my running gear on, I have to go, even if it starts raining or whatever. So, just put your stuff on and tell yourself you have to go for a run now or something terrible will happen, like your mother will lose a tooth or something. Jinx yourself into it. Another thing you could do is buy new shoes or kit and get psyched to try it out. New shoes don't stay in the box long. Do that. Buy new shoes.

Hope that's helpful!