Phone it in

Max Jolliffe

We're sure it comes as no surprise that Satisfy's latest pro athlete is none other than Max Jolliffe. We've said it before and we'll say it again—the dude is a BEAST. He's a monster, a tank, a running machine sent from the future to delete miles and drink all the La Croix. Last year, on a whim, Max won the inaugural Saddles 100 50-mile trail race (he literally entered the night before); in January, he won the Sean O'Brien 100k in Malibu (9:59:58), and, as you'll see below, he recently signed up for the MOAB 240 miler. Also, a quick look at Stava shows that Max has, as of this writing, run 825 days in a row and posted a meme with almost every run. That’s positively beastly.  

When he's not running, Max is surfing, eating, climbing, sleeping, and spending quality time with his best buddy—Lenny the golden retriever. We asked Max to send us some pics to mark his arrival on the team.

Most Recent Photo On Your Phone

I guess this is me officially announcing that I'm running MOAB 240 this year.

The Most Costa Mesa thing in Costa Mesa

It would probably have to be a trust fund kid pretending to be a broke surfer or a crusty chopper builder. Other than that, it's for sure this Costa Mesa staple: Alejandro's. My order here is a carnitas burrito and three rolled tacos with guacamole. 

Your Favorite Human

Internet personality, professional boxer, comedian, inspirational speaker, and all-around greatest dude. Beetlejuice, aka the GOAT. 

Where You Are When You're Not Running

Probably hanging out at the beach, talking about running. 

Something With Four Legs and a Tail That You Love.

My sweet boy, Lenny. He's a ‘once in a lifetime’ type dog. Anyone who's met him understands what I mean. He's my best friend. Pretty decent trail runner, too. 

The Inside of Your Refrigerator

Nothing much to see here. Just the essentials. 

The Place You Keep All Your Running Gear

My gear is spread out all over the place, but this here is my shoe pile. I got a couple more pairs of trail shoes in the trunk of my car, too. Can you tell I like white shoes?

I rarely carry my phone with me, so I don't take many photos during runs. There's something special about winter sunsets in Southern California. I can't count how many times I've seen a crazy one and wished I had my phone on me. Luckily, I had it with me on this evening a couple of weeks ago. This view never gets old. 

A Tattoo & The Story Behind It

Sometimes it's the dumb and meaningless tattoos that end up being the best ones. This is one of my favorites. It's funny and stupid, kinda like me. I got this during a festival at an outdoor booth while smoking a cigarette.

Something You Borrowed But Still Haven't Returned

The other day, I saw some surfboard fins in my garage that aren't mine. I was riding them in this photo, a pair of black FCS 2s. One of my friends is missing these, but I can't remember who I borrowed them from. Let me know if these are yours and I'll return them to you; I barely even surf anymore. 

Something You Need to Throw Out

All of these terrible race shirts. Wouldn't it be nice if race organizations actually decided to hire artists to make cool race merch that people would actually wear? Instead, we get thousands of these shitty polyester performance shirts with clip art fiver graphics that end up going straight into the trash. Nobody wants to wear these. End rant. 

Your Proudest Moment

Every year I celebrate this milestone is my proudest moment. Getting sober from drugs and alcohol might be my single greatest achievement. Hardest thing I've ever done, harder than any ultra.