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Last month, we ran a story on Instagram inviting readers to write letters to the editor. This invitation was poorly worded by yours truly. I can see how 'Write Us Stuff' might sound like a call for submissions from every Tom, Dick, and Harry with a typewriter, but it wasn't. Please stop emailing to ask what we pay per word. If you'd like to write in and say literally anything else, hit up POSSESSED here!

Dear Ed,

Today, I took a nice long run with friends. It was very enjoyable. We shared stories, race plans, and all the scenarios where we came very close to pooping ourselves. You know, a typical Sunday gathering of our special breed. But now I can barely walk, my hunger can't be satiated, and my nipples hurt… bad. Tell me, dear editor, is it all worth it???

Best, John, Echo Park

John, it's totally worth it.


Dear Editor-In-Chief,

My name is Brian, and I'm a novelist and journalist from Buffalo, NY. I got a clutch of lit story ideas (including one about doing acid in Arizona), but before we can move forward with any form of confidence, I must know what your budget is for writers. I normally get paid a dollar per word, my standard rate, but am willing to take one for the team if my stories can go live with little to no editorial interference.






I have been loving the zine. All the content is super enjoyable. Particularly the emphasis on music. I love getting across some of the playlists you have been throwing onto Spotify! Thank you. I live in the southern hemisphere, and we have been getting some scorching weather on the East Coast of Australia. I'd love to see if you could tap into some of your running team, especially those who have experience in endurance running in the desert to find out if they have any hacks to help clock up kms in the heat. I know you need to slow down, get hydrated early, and stay cool. Is there anything else?

Yours truly,

South of Heaven

We'll do a story soon about staying cool, but it's winter everywhere but Australia right now, so you'll have to wait for it. In the meantime, get one of those hats with the fan mounted in the front and keep your shorts in the freezer.


Hey Man!

Just wanted to say that you guys rule!

Loving the interviews and chats you have been getting across with the Satisfy Team. The Running Stars are always good for a laugh, and it's good to see a fresh approach to running - something that so many heads around the world do.

Keep on keeping on.

Dyl xx