High Rotation

Trail Tracks

Whether you listen to music when you run or not, the playlists in this month’s edition of High Rotation are worth checking out. I don’t know how, but we got tunes from Cobra Man’s Sarah Rayne, Choir Boy’s Adam Klopp, and Satisfy pro athlete Jakob Åberg. To be honest with you, Jakob was an easy get because, you know, Satisfy. Sarah and Adam, though, man... Actually, they were pretty easy as well. People love sharing music. It’s the best! And this department just gets better and better. Wait till you see who we’ve got lined up next month. You better put a bucket on your head because it’s gonna explode. Weirdest intro ever.


Sarah Rayne is from the Los Angeles Power Disco group Cobra Man. She's a recent running convert, and her taste in music is nearly as exceptional as she is.

Sarah: ‘I started running last year and these are the songs that give me strength to fight the forces of evil and make it through to victory. I hope they do the same for you.’


Jakob Åberg is a professional athlete from Sweden. He made a really long playlist because he likes going on really long runs.

Jakob: ‘The idea was to create something that puts runners in the “zone”. I rarely listen to music when I go for long runs and never during races, so basically, I am the worst person to make this running playlist. Haha! But not listening to anything helps me focus on my thoughts and body, which I think is beneficial when you do long, long ultras. You're better in line with yourself, so to speak, and time gets more abstract and goes by faster when you don't have anything that you can relate it to (I never look at my watch either, only for heart rate). However, I do believe music can help you come to this state of zen-like mind a bit quicker sometimes, hence I've tried putting together this playlist with mostly psychedelic and electronic music.’

Adam Klopp/Choir Boy

Adam Klopp is the frontman of dark synth pop outfit Choir Boy, who were once described as 'melancholic and nostalgically new-wave, like a more contemporary, gothic version of The Smiths,’ which is kinda accurate, but we think they sound like all the songs on this playlist put in a NutriBullet.