The Weird Issue




Running is weird. Really weird. But then everything is weird if you put your mind to it. Dancing is weird, sex is weird, those birds that collect blue objects are off their tits... But of all the weird things in the weird world, running is up there with the weirdest of them. In fact, there was a time when recreational running was considered so weird, so peculiar, so goddamn madcap, runners would routinely attract the attention of the law. In 1968, thirty-two runners in the U.S. were questioned by police, including a senator in South Carolina (which, as you can imagine, caused quite a stir), a God-fearing housewife in Indiana, and a Connecticut man who even received a ticket for ‘illegal use of a highway by a pedestrian.’ He had his day in court and managed to overturn the charge, but the judge cautioned him to stop running, or he would end up in jail the next time. The man ignored the warning and wound up going to the big house for eight years, where the other inmates tossed him around like a sock.

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