Get Possessed

Mix Tapes

It wouldn’t be a music issue if we didn’t have some actual music, and we thought the best way to present the music would be via running playlists cobbled together by our friends. And my, what an eclectic group of buddies we’ve hauled in for this one. If you saw these six people riding together in a van, you’d call the police to report some very suspicious behavior. One thing that’s not suspicious, though, is their taste in music, which is the reason we badgered each of these guys to sit down and knock out a running playlist for us—and for you. Strap your ear goggles on!

Amy Taylor: Amyl and the Sniffers

Amy Taylor is the lead singer of a band called Amyl and the Sniffers. She is also what happens when a wizard turns a box of dynamite into a human being. Get along to a Sniffers show and you’ll know what we’re talking about. 

Amy: ‘I have made two playlists: one for, like, a more heavy-guitar-verging-on-agro workout—the other one, still agro but more agro in a dance music kind of way. I wasn’t too sure what to write about why I picked them, but they’re some serious bangers, I promise. 

John Gourley: Portugal. The Man

John is the lead singer and rhythm guitarist for Portugal. The Man. He's about as busy as a dude can be, and pretty much as busy as a dad can be (click here for more info on that).

John: 'Hahaha yes I’m down to do this dude. I can work on it on my way up to Seattle tomorrow!' Thanks John!

Stian Dahl Sommerseth: Professional Athlete

Stian is one of our professional athletes, and he just happened to win the Kullamennen 50k this year. Just sayin’.

Stian: ‘I was too young for the golden era of Myspace, but luckily, my most formative years coincided with the peak of Tumblr. Fast forward ten years, and I am still listening to the same pastel goth, introspective and confessional, aggressively-finger-pointing-in-skinny-jeans music. I guess this is growing up, huh?’

Iggor Cavalera: Sepultura / Cavalera Conspiracy

Iggor (right) is the co-founder and former drummer for Sepultura and the current drummer for Cavalera Conspiracy. He is sick. Know it.

Iggor: ‘This selection of sounds is specially curated for POSSESSED Mag and is inspired by the balance between movement and complete stillness. I think it’s very important to embrace noise as a form of meditation, so on this mix, you will be able to travel around different soundscapes with music from all over the globe, from the psychedelic acoustic black metal of Brazil’s Kaatayra to Yma Sumac from Peru… enjoy the ride!’

Corey Duffel: Professional Skater

Corey Duffel is a legendary skateboarder with an encyclopedic knowledge of all things punk rock and rock in general.

Corey: 'DC Gore is fantastic and fun, Gaz is the man and Supergrass rules; hard to figure out what song to put on by Crime And The City Solution as they are all great, and 'Away From The Numbers' by The Jam has been one of my favorite tunes for 25 years, so fuck it—it gets put onto the list. Enjoy!'

Max Jolliffe: Athlete

We said it last issue—Max is a beast. He's on a 760+ day running streak, and he still has a sense of humor. Go figure.

Max: 'Damn, I didn't realize how tough it would be to put together a list of 25 songs, tbh it probably would've been easier to put together a list of 125 songs. This assortment is a mashup of new shit and old shit I've been vibing with lately. To me, a good running playlist has lots of different sounds. I like having some bangers that will hype you up and give you energy, some groovy heady shit that can make you zone out and flow, and just go to classics that are just straight-up good songs. We got a little bit of everything on here: rap, rock, punk, alternative; I tried to cover all the bases. Hope y'all enjoy.'