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Take a Letter Maria

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Do you know that song ‘Take a Letter Maria’? It doesn’t have a comma between 'Letter' and 'Maria', which bugs me. But I really dig the song—AND I’m psyched with this month's mail haul. 87 letters! Are you kidding me? Amazing. None of them were very good, but it’s nice to know you’re out there and have something to say. Because the mailbag was so full, I just grabbed the first three and it called it a day. Who’s got time to read 87 bullshit emails? I don’t know how The Beatles did it. Speed probably.

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I’m going to Peru with my girlfriend in May to visit my family after a good six years. Back in 2018, I wasn’t a runner, then in 2020, I was supposed to go to Peru, but the pandemic hit. Couldn’t travel and couldn’t get my money back (that sucks, right?). Now I’m finally going again and I signed up for my first marathon ever in my home country! I am super stoked to race in Lima, the city I was born in + I’ll be able to eat pretty good stuff (the best food in the world, probably)!

P.S. Y’all should shoot some stuff over there one day. There are so many places to see!


¡Buena suerte, Adrián! ¡Acabo de buscar en Google el Maratón de Lima y parece que te quedan poco menos de tres semanas! ¡Espero que estés listo y espero que tengas un gran día! ¡Vamos!


Dear Jason Crumpet,

My very first paycheck was made out to me by a company called ‘Crumpet Pty Ltd,’ but I am 99.9% sure it wasn’t you.

I have no cartilage in my knees so I don’t even run for the bus, but last week I dreamt that I smoked a small joint, put on some runners (but they were not mine) and did a cross country run. Is this a sign to channel Nate Fisher and lace up?

Kind regards,


That’s a sign! Start running immediately. PS, how did you burn up all your cartilage before the age of 30? I looked you up, Webby. You appear to be about 25. You’re not lying to me about your knees—you’re lying to silly little Webby. That’s sad. Roll a fat one, put on some Cathedral, and get out there. 


Yo. Are you def giving away prizes for best letter or are you just saying it to get more letters? What’s the prize. I hope it’s better than a sticker.

Dylan from San Clement

Yo, Dylan. You just won yourself a genuine Satisfy Running sticker. Stick it on a cop car and get a photo, and we’ll send you something better.