High Rotation

Zax Trax

For this Special ZACH IS POSSESSED issue of POSSESSED, we hit up Mr Miller for a 20 to 25-song running playlist, and he doubled down and gave us more than more than 40. This is unsurprising, considering how long Zach will head out for a run. Why would he supply us with a selection of tunes that only goes for an hour when he rarely heads out for less than two? This year, Zach’s average runs per week, according to Strava, is eight, and so far, he has covered over 2,500km. We’re 120 days into 2024. You do the math (you don’t have to do the math if you don’t want).

Anyway, we’re not here for arithmetic—we’re here to heavily scrutinize Zach’s taste in music. Turns out he likes him some mellow-ass country ‘n’ western. Plus ‘Thunderstruck’ by AC/DC, which is right up the back of the playlist to get you over that final hill and back to camp where the fresh fastnachts are waiting. Hit play below.

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