Zach is Possessed



MAY 2024

He’s 35 years old, he was born in Kenya (not that it matters), and he’s one of the greatest, most awe-inspiring athletes in the history of recorded sport. He is the elite American ultra-runner Zach Miller, and this is the Zach Miller issue of POSSESSED. Welcome.

Zach’s professional running career began in 2013 when he entered, won, and recorded the third fastest time for a decades-old 50-mile trail race in Washington County. By his own admission, he was astonished by the win, but when he crossed that ribbon, it became obvious to everyone in the ultra-running community that Zach was a natural and a force to be reckoned with. Since then, he’s turned pro (he’s currently signed with North Face) and has run some of the world’s most challenging races. He’s also won some of the world’s most challenging races, and if you’ve seen him in action, you know the dude is a powerhouse, and he does not have an off switch. When you see Zach in the line-up, just go home. It’s not worth it.

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