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The Month in Mail

WELCOME TO EARTH: Fartlek Training

What a great month for mail we had! There were actually a few normal letters among all the nonsense letters, but I’m still living for the nonsense letters if I’m being honest. We only receive a small pile of mail each month, and most of it comes from people who are silly. Please don’t stop writing the silly letters, though. The sillier the better. And send photos. Or even draw something. That’d be cool. Please send in a drawing of the Pink Panther out trail running with Dracula or something similar. That’d be great. I’m also accepting gifts and candy at this time, so thank you in advance. 

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My girlfriend doesn’t want me to join a run club because she thinks it’s for singles looking for hookups. Her name is Julia Morton. Can you tell her she is wrong?

Thanks, Jye Pendergast

Hey Julia, good thinkin’ not letting your BF join a sleazy run club. If I had a dollar for every time I heard about a couple separating because one of them joined a run club and ended up cheating, I’d have $8.37. Keep an eye on your man. He’s up to something.



I've been thinking a lot lately about aging and longevity in running and thought that you might find it to be an interesting topic for an issue of POSSESSED magazine. Potential interviews with veterans of the sport and old timers that are still out there finishing races. Tales from the early days of ultra running, Tips and tricks on maintaining your body so that you can continue to run regularly in your older years. Etc.

Most Saturdays I run with a group called Billy's Bushies, and a lot of these guys are now in their 70s and 80s and are still regularly doing ultras. One bloke (Bob Fickel) has completed over 300 marathons. A few others have competed in the infamous Sydney to Melbourne ultra (Helen Stranger, Bob Telford) and did Western States when it was in its early years.

Anyways, just a thought!

Kyle, Sydney Australia

Thanks Kyle. Will definitely take it into consideration. There’s nothing better than hearing about people still running in their twilight years, so maybe an issue celebrating old geezers will be in the mix! 



Love the mag. I read it on the train to work. It’s the highlight of my month! I have a question. I am runner and I want to get into ultras but I’ve heard ultra runners all have distended testicles. Is this true? I don’t want to end of with two eggs in a tube sock.

Simon Kong, NYC

Thanks for your letter, Simon. I just rang Jim Walmsley and he confirmed that, yes, over time your testicles will eventually stretch to your knees, but corrective surgery is available very cheap in Turkey.



Why don’t you dedicate a whole issue to a female athlete?

Laura Greene

We’re two steps ahead of you, Laura. Watch this space.