Possessed is Possessed



June 2024

Welcome to POSSESSED number 54: The POSSESSED is POSSESSED issue.

This issue is all about the phenomenon of running obsession. Initially, we were thinking of calling it POSSESSED is OBSESSED, but decided on POSSESSED is POSSESSED because it just looks better, and there’s less chance of people thinking this publication is called OBSESSED Magazine, which just doesn’t have the same ring to it.

Running really is an activity that, once it gets its teeth into you, becomes an all-consuming passion bordering on bewitchment. For myself, becoming infected with the running bug has become a genuine obsession. I mean, look at me. I work for a running apparel company based in France. Had someone come up to me in 2014 and said, ‘In a decade, you will be the editor of a running publication with its headquarters based in France,’ I would have called you a witch and attacked you with a sock full of nickels—but here I am. Happily running and writing about running. It’s a funny old life, isn’t it?

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