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Margaret Glaspy

The California-born, New York-based singer-songwriter Margaret Glaspy is, like most singer-songwriters, a dyed-in-the-wool distance runner. In fact, she's the daughter of a dyed-in-the-wool distance runner, and last year, she signed up for her first ultra, which she somehow managed to train for while on tour. 'I can't wait for you to get to the pain cave,' said her friend Courtney (yes, that Courtney), 'I'm so excited for you.' Race day rolled around, and so did a gnarly tropical storm named Ophelia (yes, that Ophelia), and a wet and windy escapade was had. We'll let Margaret fill you in, though. Take it away, Ms Glaspy.

Most Recent Photo On Your Phone

I got lucky on this one. I was just at the museum (CMOA in Columbus, OH), and this was the piece on the way out: Nick Cave. I love his work so much.

The Place You Keep All Your Running Gear

This is one of many stashes in my house. I've tried to scale back and have a dedicated drawer for only running stuff. 

Something Beautiful

My sister is an artist and she dyes silk with plants that she forages locally in Northern California. I love her pieces very much. Her operation is called Local Motive Dye Co.

The First Thing You'd Grab if Your House Was on Fire

If we are talking material objects, then I'd probably take this guitar. My husband had this guitar made for me, and there are some very sweet personal details about it that will never be replicated. I love this guitar. 

A Scar and the Story Behind It

I'm thankful that this scar doesn't look as gnarly as the cut. I split my knee open while running on the road (I've split my knee open about three times road running). I think I tune out when I'm on roads and it makes me more vulnerable to injury. There was a small rock stuck in this wound after it healed for some time, and then they decided to take it out without anesthesia. Now, I try to pay attention to the road the way I would a trail. 

Something You Do When You're Not Running

When I'm not running, I'm music-ing. I'm a musician, and I make records and tour. This photo is from a radio show recently at KEXP in Seattle. 

Something With Four Legs and a Personality

If you are lucky, you'll run into venue dogs on tour. These dogs have spent their lives in rock clubs and their owners usually own or run the club. Every time I get to hang with a dog on tour is a good day. If you've been on the road a little too long, they restore some kind of humanity in you.

Your Favorite Human 

We'll give this award to my husband, Julian. He's the best. 

Your Proudest Moment

Not running 50 miles is probably one of my proudest moments. I got to partake in an ultra between a tour in the UK and a tour in the US. It was the longest run I'd ever embarked on. Here I am afterwards. That day, tropical storm Ophelia decided to let her presence be known and it was one of the most rainy and cool adventures I've been on. I called it at 29 miles, injury-free, with a smile still on my face, and then went back on tour soon after. It was a magical privilege.