The Outlaw Issue



APRIL 2024

Welcome to the most badass installment of POSSESSED yet: Number 52, The Outlaw Issue.
You can expect to read the word ‘badass’ no less than eighty-seven times in this issue. I basically finished putting this together and then shook a saltshaker full of ‘badass’ all over it. You’ll probably find the overuse of ‘badass’ unbearable, and I’d like to apologize, but sadly, I’m a badass, so to heck with you (just kidding; please stay).
Now, I want to be very clear that by ‘Outlaw,’ we don’t mean criminal. Although there is a story in here about incarcerated men running a marathon... But when we say ‘Outlaw,’ we’re mostly talking about the rebels, rule breakers, and those folks who don’t run with the herd—people like Nils from The Speed Project, who we caught up with on the eve of TSP 2024. He’s doing his own thing in the world of running, and in many ways, so are the aforementioned guys running marathons at San Quintin. That’s a great story. You should cut out now and go read it.

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